FASCETS Canada East

Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Consulting, Education, and Training Services (FASCETS Canada East)

Services include consultation, training, and education regarding FASD using a neurobehavioural model approach.

The Neurobehavioural Model is considered emerging best practice for supporting people with FASD.  It offers is a complete shift in how we understand the different behaviors displayed by the individual – from thinking the behaviors are deliberate and the person is the problem (and focusing on changing them), to realizing the presence of an invisible brain-based physical condition, which is the underlying cause of the different behaviors, and providing appropriate support through changes in the environment.

Until we learn and understand how the person’s brain functions, or functions differently, it is difficult to appreciate how hard it can be for a person with FASD (or other brain-based conditions) to do some of the simple tasks we do every day. It is those many expectations we have of everyone in society, which again may seem so simple to most us but are often unrealistic for individuals with FASD, or unrealistic for their current developmental age, that lead to more difficult behaviors – exactly as any of us would respond if we were asked day after day to do something we are not able to do. Once we realize their abilities and challenges, we can start adapting our expectations and providing the right kind of support.

Contact Information: 

Nancy Hall • nancy@fascetscanada.com • https://www.fascetscanada.com